The list of loaded Safes is stored locally in your browser. This means there are a couple of cases where you want to load a new Gnosis Safe account into the interface. For example:

  • You want to access your Safe from a different device / browser

  • You want to interact with a Safe where another party made you an owner of

  • You want to load any existing Safe in read-only mode

After connecting a signer wallet, you can load a Gnosis Safe account by clicking on this button:

Step 1: Choose a name and enter your Gnosis Safe address

First, you'll have to name your account so you can identify it later in the list of Safes in the interface. This name is only stored locally in the browser, so nobody besides you will ever see this name.

After giving a name, you paste the address of the Gnosis Safe account that you want to load. The green checkmark indicates that this is indeed a verified account that can be added.

Step 2: Name the Safe's owners

You should give each of the Gnosis Safe account signers a distinct name so you can later distinguish them. These names are also stored in the address book but always kept private in the localstorage of your browser.

Step 3: Review and load

Check one last time if all names are correct and then confirm using the "Load" button.

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