Most assets on the Safe are automatically detected and displayed. In case this is not the case, you can activate any ERC-20 token manually, too. First, go to the Assets tab and click on Manage List.

Second, click on Add custom token.

Here you need paste the contract address of the ERC-20 token that you would like to add manually. The token symbol and number of decimals for this token should be automatically loaded. Finally, you can choose to activate this token for the selected Safe only or activate it for all your Safes. Your custom ERC-20 token will then be listed in your Assets overview.

How to add an ERC-20 token to the default list?

If you would like to activate a specific asset in the default list for all Gnosis Safe Multisig users, including a logo of the token, please contact us at Make sure to include the following information to your email:

  • Full name of the asset
  • Symbol/Ticker (ideally 3-4 letters)
  • Token contract address
  • Image of the token logo (square, at least 128x128px, .png file)
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