Why migrate?

The Safe Multisig is the official successor of the Gnosis Multisig, offering various security and user experience improvements. We recommend to every user of the Gnosis Multisig to migrate to the new Safe Multisig throughout the next months. While we will always take care of any potential security-relevant fixes, Gnosis will not continue development and broader maintenance of the old Gnosis Multisig. 

How does the migration work?

We provide a tool to make migration easier for users of the old Multisig. While this is not a fully automatic migration, this tool allows users to replicate the owner structure of their old Multisig as a Safe Multisig. After a new Safe Multisig is created with the same structure, users can familiarize themselves with the new Safe Multisig and then manually move over funds.

Step-by-step guide

To start the migration process, head over to wallet.gnosis.pm and load the Gnosis Multisig wallet you would like to migrate.

When you open the wallet you will see a green button Safe Multisig Migration. After you click on this button, a new window opens, containing information about the various benefits of the new Safe Multisig. 

When you click on Create new Safe, you will be taken to the Safe Multisig interface and into the Safe creation process. Where you first will have to connect a wallet. 

While it can be one of the owner wallets of your old Multisig, you can also use an unrelated wallet to deploy your new Safe Multisig. Just make sure you have a little ETH on this wallet to pay for the contract creation.

First, you'll have to give your new Safe Multisig a name. This name is only stored locally on your computer, and neither Gnosis nor any third-party will ever be able to see this name.

Second, you can see your owner structure and can make double-check if it matches the owners structure of your old Multisig.

If everything looks good, you can start the contract deployment by clicking on Submit. You will have to confirm the deployment transaction in your connected wallet and can then follow the progress of the Safe creation in the interface.

That's it! You are all setup with your new Safe Multisig and can now start transferring funds over.

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