What are ERC-721 / NFTs?

Besides Ether and Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, Gnosis Safe can also store another type of digital assets, ERC-721. These tokens, that are often referred to as "NFTs" or "Collectibles" are non-fungible digital assets. If you own any ERC-721 tokens on your Safe, they will automatically be displayed in Assets > Collectibles.

How can I receive collectibles?

You can send ERC-721 tokens to your Safe the same way you also deposit Ether / ERC-20 tokens. Just click on the Receive button.

A window will open, displaying your Safe address and a QR that you can use to easily deposit ERC-721 tokens to your Safe.

How can I send collectibles?

Sending an ERC-721 token is also easy. Just however over the token that you would like to send and click on the Send button.

You then just need to define the recipient address and review the transaction details. 

If you have multiple signers defined, the other signers will have to confirm this transaction by signing it ini the Transactions tab.

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