As a prerequisite, you need to set up your web interface to work with a Safe originally created on mobile as described in this help center article.

Warning: After executing the following steps you will not be able to use you Safe with the legacy mobile app anymore.

Please check the currently set threshold via Settings -> Policies.

If it says “1 out of 3”, we recommend going to Settings -> Owners and remove all owners except the currently connected Metamask.

If it says “2 out of 4”, we recommend removing all owners except the 2 Metamask accounts that you have set up as owners of you Safe.

Now you are able to configure your Safe setup as you prefer. We recommend considering the following:

  • Use hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor as owners.
  • Use a threshold >= 2
  • For threshold n add at least n + 1 owners. This allows you to recover in case 1 owner cannot access their account anymore.
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