This article assumes you are using the Gnosis Safe Multisig. If you are using our legacy Gnosis Safe mobile app, please scroll down to the respective section.

Gnosis Safe Multisig

You can specify both gas limit and gas price with your connected owner wallet. Please head to the FAQs of the respective wallet to find out how. Here are the instructions for Metamask.

Please note: Some owner wallets don't allow to specify custom gas prices. This includes smart contract based wallets such as Argent or Authereum.

If you are using a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor via the direct integration, you will also not be able to configure a custom gas price. We recommend using them via Metamask in that case.

(Legacy) Gnosis Safe mobile apps

This section only applies to you if you using our legacy Gnosis Safe mobile app.

The mobile app uses meta transactions via a relay service. It is not possible to adjust the used gas price and gas limit manually. The gas price is set according to the "fast" speed of the Gnosis gas station. The gas limit is set after estimating the transaction via the Gnosis Safe relay service.

Both gas price and gas limit should hence be set to values which should not make your transaction fail and ensure that it gets executed within a reasonable time frame.

We are planning on deprecating the mobile apps in its current form soon. Learn more about the differences between the Gnosis Safe Multsig and the legacy Gnosis Safe mobile apps here.

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