We removed the legacy Gnosis Safe app from the mobile app stores on iOS and Android. Learn more about the reasoning here. Your existing mobile app will continue working. This article describes how to download it again in case you deleted it or in case you are moving to a new mobile device.

You did not create a Safe with the legacy app?

We recommend that you head to https://gnosis-safe.io/app/ and create a Safe there. Afterwards you can download the new mobile app and import your new Safe. Please let us know any feedback via Twitter or Discord.

You have the legacy Gnosis Safe mobile app installed?

Your app will continue to work the same as before. We don’t intend to stop the backend infrastructure (relayer) required for it until the new mobile app has reached feature parity.

However we recommend considering a migration to the web interface if that is suitable for you. Find out more about the differences between Legacy Gnosis Safe and Gnosis Safe and how to migrate your Safe on our help center.

You did create a Safe with the legacy app but you don’t have the app installed anymore?

You are able to re-install the Gnosis Safe app via your app library (PlayStore) or the “purchased” section (AppStore).


  1. Tap your account

  2. Open “My apps & games”

  3. Tap “Library”

  4. Install Gnosis Safe


  1. Open you account

  2. Tap “Purchased”

  3. Tap "Not on this iPhone"

  4. Install Gnosis Safe

After installing, you should be able to use your Gnosis Safe just like before. Please get in touch via Discord in case something is not working.

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