This article assumes that your are you using the Gnosis Safe web interface. You can renew any ENS name via the ENS app with Metamask since the account renewing an ENS name does not need to own it.

1. Open you Safe via the Gnosis Safe web interface, e.g.

2. Click "Send" -> "Contract interaction"

3. Enter 0x283Af0B28c62C092C9727F1Ee09c02CA627EB7F5 as contract address. That's the mainnet address of the ENS ETH Registrar Controller

4. select renew from the method drop down.

5. Enter your selected ENS name without the .eth suffix (e.g. my-safe)

6. Enter 31536000 as duration (That's the number of seconds in 1 year with 365 days)

7. Enter 5 USD worth of ETH as value. Renew an ENS name that is shorter than 7 characters will be more expensive. Also using a duration longer than then one specified in step 6 will be more expensive.

8. Click "Review" and afterwards "Submit" and make sure to "Execute" that transaction (If your threshold is > 1, more owners need to confirm that transaction)

9. Wait for the transaction to be executed.

10. Congratulations, you have successfully renewed your ENS name.

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