1. Head to the Safe apps section.

2. Open the WalletConnect Safe app

3. In a separate browser tab, open a dapp that supports WalletConnect, for instance https://app.uniswap.org/.

4. Select "WalletConnect" as connection method inside the dapp.

5. When the WalletConnect QR code is displayed, take a screenshot. Make sure the screenshot is in your clipboard. (Shift+Command+4 on Mac, Windows key+PrtScn on Windows). Again: Literally take screenshot of the QR code. It's not possible to do "right-click and copy image", unfortunately)

6. Paste the screenshot into the input field of the Safe app.

7. Now the connection should be automatically established.

8. Go back to your dapp in order to trigger transactions.

9. Once you trigger transactions, the should popup in your Safe.

10. Transactions can be signed and executed just like any other Gnosis Safe Multisig transaction.

11. On the transaction list, you will be able to identify WalletConnect transactions easily.

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