• You have a Gnosis Safe setup via the web interface at
  • The threshold is set to 2 or higher since you will be signing with the Gnosis Safe Mobile app and execute the transaction with another owner wallet
  • You have the seed phrase of one of the owner accounts that you would like to use for signing on mobile

How to import an account on mobile:

1. In your Gnosis Safe Mobile app, open the Settings

2. Open the App Settings

3. Tab "Import owner key". This will guide you through the process to enter the seed phrase of your owner account that you want to use on mobile.

4. Enter your seed phrase

5. Select the account you want to use. (Context: You can derive multiple accounts from a single seed phrase. If you don't know what that is, continue with account #1.)

6. You now have successfully imported your account and are ready to use it for confirming transactions.

How to confirm a transaction on mobile:

1. There needs to be a transaction initiated from the web interface.

2. On mobile, you should see a pending transaction waiting for confirmations.

3. After opening that transaction, you will be able to confirm it.

4. After confirming, it can be executed via the web interface.

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