One of the advantages of using smart contract wallets such as the Gnosis Safe, is their ability to performed "batched transactions". That means, instead of having to confirm a set of transactions one after each other, they can be bundled together and users have to confirm just once.

The Gnosis Safe uses a so called MultiSend library for that (Etherscan).


To show case batched transactions, let imagine the following scenario: You have a list of 10 addresses to which you would like to send a specific amount of GNO tokens to. Instead of having to create 10 transactions, which the owners of your Safe have to confirm and execute one after each other, this article explains how to use the Transaction builder Safe app to put all these transfers into a single transaction.

Please note: This is a rather technical feature as you will be crafting raw transactions. So please make sure you know what you are doing.

1. Open Safe apps

2. Open the Transaction builder Safe app.

3. Enter the GNO token address. The ABI will be fetched automatically.

4. From the drop down you can select a method. In this case we select the transfer method.

5. Now enter the recipient address and the GNO value. Please note: The value is an unsigned integer without any decimals. In this example, the GNO token has 18 decimals. So in case you want to send 1 GNO, you have to enter 1000000000000000000. Again, please only continue if you know what you are doing.

6. Click "Add transaction"

7. Repeat step 4, 5 and 6 for every recipient address.

8. Click "Send transactions"

9. You'll be able to review, submit and execute the transaction just like any other Safe transaction.

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