On June 11th 10:45PM (GMT+2), we started seeing some performance issues with the Gnosis Safe interface that is caused by an outage in an AWS data center. We are currently investigating and trying to mitigate the impact on Gnosis Safe as much as possible. However, there might be some performance-related issues to be expected in the next hours.

This article will be updated as we collect more information on the cause and concrete impact of this AWS outage.


  • Most importantly, your funds are safe as this is only an inteface-level issue. However, some features of the Gnosis Safe interface could be impacted during the AWS outage and some data displayed in the interface might be outdated.

Technical users might want to check out the Safe command-line interface at for the time being.

Update June 12th

The AWS outage was resolved early in the morning on June 12th. We will evaluate how to make our infrastructure more resilient to these kinds of external issues.

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